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Our Story

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Born on the Boardwalk

It all started in an old ice cream shop on the boardwalk with a couple of friends who quit their jobs and moved to the beach. We wanted to live a life as free-spirited as our hometown. With some tea leaves, two kegs, and our toes in the sand, we began crafting a little taste of Ocean City sunshine, and from there, Hoop Tea was born.

We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it.

Danny & Billy


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HOMETOWN: I was born and raised in NYC but I’m proud to call OCMD my home.
FAVORITE HOOP TEA FLAVOR: Right now, I’m all about the Peach.
FAVORITE KARAOKE SONG: Suspicious Minds by Elvis
FAVORITE THING TO DO WHEN VISITING A NEW PLACE: Rent a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle and explore the area on two wheels.

HOMETOWN: I was born in Orlando, FL but grew up in Maryland.
FAVORITE HOOP TEA FLAVOR: I have to say Original, we spent over two years perfecting the recipe and I cannot be happier with how it finally turned out.
FAVORITE KARAOKE SONG: Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
FAVORITE SPOT IN OCMD: 26th Street Beach
FAVORITE THING TO DO WHEN VISITING A NEW PLACE: Try all the best local bars and restaurants.