Chasing Sunsets

The United States is full of beautiful locations to watch the sun set, but the divine artist in the sky saves his best work for the evenings that he spends over Ocean City, MD. I’ve seen the famous sunsets of Key West, New York, Clearwater, San Diego, and the the Grand Canyon. They are all beautiful sights that belong on anyone’s ‘sunset bucket list’, but experiencing an Ocean City sunset is truly unique. Trying to capture the OC sunrise or sunset with a camera is almost a futile effort, but there are some tricks which can help. Ocean City is a long peninsula which runs roughly North and South the long way. The sun rises on the beach and sets in the bay, creating breathtaking views twice a day. The cross streets run East and West. This creates the opportunity to take interesting pictures when the sun shines directly down the cross streets or one of our bridges. To find out when the sun is lined up perfectly with our streets and bridges, our photography team uses a clever site which maps the sun’s direction. It's called This is how it works;

You enter your location and the date you intend to take the pictures.

It shows a graphic displaying the sunrise direction in yellow and the sunset in pink.

You can move the time slider and the orange line will show you the sun’s position at that time.

Here is an example showing when the sun will set shining directly down the route 50 bridge. This is done by dragging the graphic directly over the location you wish to view.

With information like this you can get creative with your pictures, like John Pruitt did when the sun was setting perpendicular to the RT 50 bridge.

With this tool and some practice, you can capture moments like the ones below. They were taken on the Route 50 bridge at sunset in the Spring of 2017

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