The history behind Hoop Tea is a story about it's creators. Everyone who works here tells the same tale. From diverse backgrounds and distant cities, we all shared a discontent with our monotonous jobs and sedentary lifestyles. We knew that life should be enjoyed, not just endured. Sitting on the sidelines watching other people live out our dreams became unbearable.  One by one, we quit our jobs, moved to the beach, and never looked back. Yes, our leaps of faith came with sacrifices. Some of us abandoned college degrees and career plans. We left behind family, friends, and significant others. The inertia of our predictable and comfortable lives was thrown off it's axis. With just the clothes on our backs and the gas in our tanks, we headed for the coast. It didn't take long to fall blissfully in love with the beach. We quickly learned that the beach isn't a only geographic location, but a way of living. We sleep less and play more. Our bodies get younger while our groups of friends get larger.




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These days Mother Nature is our only authority. She puts us to sleep with the sounds of crashing waves and wakes us with singing birds, but time is of little significance here at the beach. Unlike in our former lives, we tend to work late at night and sometimes drink early in the day. Watching the sun rise from the ocean and set into the bay is the only schedule we follow. We believe a routine life is just a routine, not a life. 




Our little crew was banded together when we joined Backshore Brewing Company, a tiny brewhouse on the beach of Ocean City Maryland founded by Danny Robinson. With a desire to craft a local beverages brewed by local people, Danny decided to open the first brewery on the Ocean City peninsula. Recruiting friends with the promise of an unobstructed ocean view from the office and an endless flow of free beer, Backshore came to life in the summer of 2013. 

It wasn't long before Hoop Tea was crafted. Many hours were put in at the brewery in pursuit of the perfect summer beverage. After many trials and a few errors, Hoop Tea was fittingly born on the beach in the spring of 2015.  It quickly surged in popularity in the Ocean City area. The demand has far exceeded our ability to craft it in our tiny brewery. The many visitors we get at the boardwalk have demanded that we make Hoop Tea available back in their hometowns, so you can now find Hoop Tea being raised at a beach up and down the coast, and plenty of places with no coast in sight.